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City discovery - Best things to do in Dusseldorf

Napoleon's "Little Paris" combines the best of vibrant city life with absolute relaxation. While in Dusseldorf, you can enjoy a view of the most fashionable shops while walking the King's street (Konigsallee) as well as take some time for reflection in one of the city's many parks. The city offers truly breathtaking views and a luxurious lifestyle.

Hotel Recommendation: 

Auszeit Hotel Dusseldorf - Partner of Sorat Hotels: not only was the reception great, but the room was excellent as well. Very clean, spacious and with the necessary amenities to make your stay one of the most comfortable ones. Additionally, the hotel offered to keep my bags the next day while I explored the city.

Here is a preview of my review for the hotel : "I stayed one day and got to visit the whole city, I took a hop on and off bus to take me around and visited the rest of the city by foot afterwards. I loved Dusseldorf mainly because of its great parks where I could relax. Definitely recommend a stroll through Nordparc and the park near Elizabethstrasse and then walking in Old town and near King's street."

How to visit the city: 

I find the city is quite enjoyable on foot, or by taking a hop on and off bus. I, myself, did not take any other modes of transportation. The main attractions are never too far from a metro or a bus station.

City map: screenshot taken from of the trail

I followed while visiting the city

City map

Best places to visit in Dusseldorf: 

City highlights:

  • Koningsalle: the luxurious boulevard where people from all over the world come together for the fine dining, the architecture and the high-end shopping. Walk the boulevard, take pictures with the famous lion statues and enjoy city life at its finest.

  • Rheinuferpromenade: enjoy a relaxing walk along the Rhine. Grab a bite to eat at the many restaurants in the area and take a moment to soak up the magical atmosphere created by the music, the people and the riverside view.

  • Longest bar in the world, near Marktplatz

  • Stadttor, or "city gate": This intricate structure located at the entrance to the city is a go to place for photography enthusiasts and architecture lovers. 


  • Volksgarten: go for a run or simply stroll around this beautiful park to enjoy a breath of fresh air, the wildlife and the scent of nature. 

  • Hofgarten: Escape the city life in this centrally located green space. Admire the magnificent structures while sharing a romantic moment with your partner while catching a glimpse of the sun's last rays. 

       Cultural and Art:

  •  Zakk: enjoy performances, poetry readings in this cultural getaway.

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